No cost. No obligation. Truly Free Inspections!


Our inspection services division is designed to help insurance agents/brokers provide the best advice and service to their clients in need of claims assistance and construction consultations. The end result has proven to be incredibly valuable to both agents and their clients. 

Here are the benefits of receiving a free inspection from Hennings Construction and Roofing:

  1. Avoid unnecessary claims from being filed
  2. Provide exceptional construction recommendations
  3. Extend immediate attention to any client in need. 

Hennings Construction and Roofing is founded on integrity. We understand the impact claims have on our agent/broker clients. Before submitting a claim to the insurance carrier, Hennings Construction and Roofing will inspect the roof and provide a detailed analysis of the roofs condition. This report will include a detailed physical inspection and will include substantiating digital photos. If the roof does not have insurable damage, we will advise accordingly. We have found that using our pre-claim inspection services mitigates the tension some insureds feel towards their insurer or Agent/Broker when a claim is denied. Unfortunately for the roofing and insurance industry, some unscrupulous contractors will allege roof damage when none is present.  If there is no insurable damage, why submit a claim…..STLRS’s pre-claim inspection services is a win-win for all involved. 

We provide free inspections for anyone including homeowners, business owners, and insurance agents!